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Zonevoice has extensive experience in telecom policies and we provide consultancy on international telecommunications and broadcasting regulations. We have helped governments establish official telecom laws and decrees that ensure that the interests of general consumers are protected while helping nurture the conditions for growth of telecommunications, broadcasting and cable services in a manner and at a pace which enable nations to play a leading role in the emerging global information society.

Need to police your infrastructure? Administrate, monitor and report? No problem. Zonevoice’s solutions are flexible and allow for many kinds of setups and policies to be implemented, with advanced reporting and analysis, and no ill-effect on your capacity or load. What's more? We will do the hard work so you can enjoy all the benefits. Our team of experienced administrators and analysts, made up of veterans in the field, will monitor your network 24/7/365 for stability, faults and will draft the appropriate adjustments when necessary.


Zonevoice gives unparalleled international voice and data connectivity services to mobile operators. With over 1.2 billion minutes terminated in 2015 and over 2 billion minutes in 2016, we have the means to meet any termination requirements and we provide the quality and services your customers have come to expect:

  • Voice connecting with Tier 1 and Tier 2 carriers on both TDM and IP levels

  • Premium routes for customers seeking optimum quality via direct routes providing with CLI, roaming and SLA.

  • LCR for customers seeking low cost routing.

  • 24x7 multi-lingual network supports.

  • Access to wider carrier interconnections (TDM & VOIP in USA, Europe and Asia).

  • Better service and quality Voice routes.

  • Best redundancy and contingency routing thus ensuring that all the network infrastructure is resilient by using latest technologies on both TDM (like SS7 and ISDN) and IP (like MPLS, BGP4, OSPF) levels.

Zonevoice has an impressive technical set-up in the UK and France built for 100% geographical redundancy with the latest NGN solution using SONUS switches capable of handling more than 450 million minutes a month. We are also serving several operators in Africa.


Obtain the lowest prices on the wholesale of voice minute connectivity, with unmatched Quality of Service (QoS).

Zonevoice offers comprehensive wholesale international voice services to many leading telecommunication companies in Africa as well as other locations around the world. We also provide tailored services to many large corporations who require lower-cost long-distance voice communication solutions. All of our Clients benefit from our 300 plus interconnections worldwide.

Smart businesses who place a high volume of national and international calls between their offices or to communicate to their sales force on the road at great costs know that they can dramatically reduce their bills with alternative solutions.

Zonevoice provides businesses with many affordable voice communication solutions, based on the proper study of their needs, without the need to install special equipment or to change their existing telecom infrastructure.


Zonevoice contributes to the success of many prominent and established telecom-oriented businesses in Africa, and the rest of the world, such as System Integrators, IP-based equipment suppliers, back-office systems vendors and IT consultancy companies. 

Zonevoice’s wide-range of VoIP solutions gives you the possibilities to offer fully comprehensive turn-key solutions to your customers, arming your business with a competitive edge in an increasingly competitive market. 

Integrators seek the help of ZoneVoice to:

  • Add more customers and reduce churn by deploying innovative new services

  • Increase their revenue by empowering your positioning among your local market

  • Introduce new technologies with low capital and operational expenses

  • Accelerate their time to market

  • Differentiate themselves from competition

  • Strengthen their bottom line with high margin services

  • Increase the dependency of their customers to their business
© 2024 ZoneVoice. All Rights Reserved.
Design & Developed by Stroberry Advertising